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We offer innovative & unique offerings for kids from 4+ in a variety of subjects. STEM enrichment classes offer hands-on experiences and inspire true learning and joy for learning. Visit us anytime in Dobbs Ferry or go to

So, What Is Curious-on-Hudson?

Curious-on-Hudson is about learning in a casual, social way. Classes can be on name it! (In fact, we wish you would. Fill out the LEARN form if you have an idea for a class.) Want to teach here? Same thing: use the TEACH form. Interesting, talented people live all around us. Why not learn something from them? Why not make it easy for adults to take a class? And make it cheap? And make it fun? That's crowd-sourcing at its best. We also have a wonderful bookstore on premise with an assortment of new, used and vintage books.

And what about those kids classes?

Kids are like sponges, right? They're eager to learn new things all the time. And there is so much they CAN learn if we show them what's possible. Raising a pack of kids myself, I learned that "Gifted and Talented" is a label too narrowly applied to our children. We like to think that each child has talents lurking, waiting for the invitation to show themselves and for sure, they all have gifts to give.  Let's show them all the great things there are to do and learn. Let's keep them curious, the way they were born. Our kids programs aim to be really fresh, fun and full of potential for your children. From Engineering for Kids classes to Earth Explorers, Sewing, Animation and more...we have so many great ideas we are working to bring forward. Our niche is kid's classes that stimulate the dreamers, builders and visionaries. From architecture to engineering to recycled art...let's think of all the things we can do together and let's get it done!  

A Curious-on-Hudson STEAM Enrichment Camp for Summer 2018

@LIFE! in Ardsley is now open for registration!

Solution Designers, Graphic Novels, DaVinci Creative Workshop, Young Tinkerers, Curious Farmers, Intro to Robotics, and Outdoor Education. Classes in Peekskill and Dobbs Ferry.